Stock Footage Licensing
Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association is a private, non-profit archive and conservation center dedicated to the preservation of Alaskan film and video materials. With over 17,000 items dating from the 1920's until today, AMIPA is a treasure trove of Alaskan imagery. In addition to our own collections, AMIPA also acts as the exclusive stock footage representative for the SkyRiver Films library of unsurpassed Alaskan scenic footage, as well as the RTR collection, featuring material from Jay Hammond's Alaska, a video magazine show hosted by the former governor.

You may research our library for free by coming to our facility, utilizing our database and viewing our materials. We charge a fee for research performed for you by our staff. The price to purchase screening tapes you may need will depend on the length and complexity of the search, as well as lab transfer fees (if any), tape stock, and shipping costs. After you have selected your materials, a contract will be signed and payment of applicable license fees required prior to our shipping or delivery of final production elements.

For stock footage rates, contact AMIPA at 907-786-4980, or e-mail our Archivist Kevin Tripp at:

Kevin "at"
Updated: June 24, 2008