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Complete your Alaskana film library with these fine productions:

The Politics of the Past (2002)
Relive favorite moments from over 40 years of Alaskan political campaigns as The Politics of the Past recaps political media sure to fascinate not just left, not just right, but ALL sides of the aisle! A wide spectrum of a/v media has been gathered, from serious to humorous, and touching on important moments in our state's history such as the Alaska Constitutional Convention, statehood celebrations, and more. Be a part of this important mission, and treat yourself to these delightful clips from the vaults of institutions such as Alaska Film Archives, KYUK-TV, Florida Moving Image Archive, and AMIPA's own collections. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll remember what public service is all about!

$15.00 (VHS, 80 minutes)
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The following documentaries were made by past-AMIPA Board Member, award-winning filmmaker Laura Bliss-Spann. These films are currently being distributed by the filmmaker, who can be reached via e-mail at:

alaskabliss "at" alaska.com

Masterpieces in Motion (1999)

This documentary covers the early filmmaking career of Fred and Sara Machetanz. Fred has been called a national treasure and his art is loved and respected by Alaskans and beyond. Nominated for a Pacific Northwest Emmy Award, Masterpieces in Motion lets you experience what Alaska was like nearly half a century ago,from everyday life in an Eskimo village to the spontaneous celebrations that broke out in the cities when the Territory became the 49th state. Join Fred and Sara Machetanz as they recall their adventures and misadventures while capturing the Last Frontier with a film camera.

More than Words... (1997)

A compelling film that speaks volumes about endangered cultures. 82-year-old Marie Smith-Jones is the last Eyak Indian to speak the language of her people.The film follows Marie on an emotional journey back to her childhood home along the coast of Alaska's Prince William Sound. As Chief of the remaining Eyaks, Marie presides over a traditional Potlatch - the first in 85 years. Through the words and actions of Marie and those who have ties to her life, you will come to understand on a deeper level what these people are experiencing as they try to revive the remnants of their dying culture.

Reunion Under Mount Saint Elias (1997)

Nearly 50 years ago, anthropologist Frederica de Laguna began an ambitious project to document the culture of the Tlingit Indians in the remote village of Yakutat along Alaska's rugged Gulf Coast. Reunion Under Mount Saint Elias tells the tale when on the brink of her 90th birthday, the Tlingit Tribe invited their "Grandmother Freddy" back to Yakutat to honor her for the stories, songs and studies which were later published in a massive three volume set. Under Mount Saint Elias has become a priceless record of the past and a source of inspiration for the future. Reunion Under Mount Saint Elias is a inspiring story of mutual respect and an instructive portrait of one of the last great pioneers of American anthropology.

Updated: June 24, 2008